A Land Clearing Happy Ending

A Land Clearing Happy Ending

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“The land is the only thing in the world worth working for, worth fighting for, worth dying for, because it’s the only thing that lasts”…..Gerald O’Hara, Gone With The Wind.”

Our homes, the properties we own, live on, work for, take care of and pass down to future generations are one of the most important things to many people.  The care and sacrifice and time are sometimes overwhelming and daunting but in the end, the work is worth it and we are proud to call home, home.

The work we do at JH Landworks is not just clearing a piece of land or removing some trees or making room for a new building.  We are creating opportunity – helping our clients reclaim their land so they can have the relationship with their property that they deserve and dream of.  So they can build that dream home up on the hill, or have a clear view of the sunset from their back door, or create an open space for their kids or grand-kids to run around and play.  Your land should give you comfort and freedom to feel at peace when you are there.  You should be able to see the lake from your bedroom window as the sun rises or plant a garden next to the 100-year old oak tree you didn’t know you had that’s been hidden beneath the brush.

Recently, we had the privilege to work with a family at their property in east-central Wisconsin.  We are proud to know them and to have helped give them their property back after years of invasive brush and weeds laid claim to their families land.  Please read their story below and see for yourself just how beneficial land clearing can be.

My wife and I purchased a small hobby farm in Manitowoc, Wisconsin in 2012.  Recently, we had grown disenchanted with it because it had become so overgrown with brush and invasive trees that much of it was not usable.  We felt constricted by the overgrowth and the bug population that it attracted. My wife and I talked about selling the farm, but it had been in her family for over 100 years, so we wanted to avoid that path.  We agreed that we needed to clean the place up and see what possibilities that it offered. My daughter was getting married in August and we wanted the farm to be in order for visitors.  

I found JH Landworks while searching online and watched videos of their work on their website and I knew that was what I was looking for.  I sent an email and Katie responded almost immediately.  I met Jay at my farm in June and was immediately comfortable with him.  He saw more possibilities than I did and put me at ease. This COULD be a beautiful place. He promised that he would get everything finished before my daughter’s wedding on August 4th.  I signed a contract shortly after and he began working in mid-June.The results were almost immediate as Jay and his crew worked from sunup to sundown, shredding and mulching.  They cleared 8 acres of forest that had become impossible to walk through.  Now we have a soft forest floor with mulched wood and pine needles.  We can now take a tractor and wagon through any section of the woods.

Next, Jay went to work on trees and brush that were growing around and into our two barns.  The west side of both of these barns has not seen sunlight in well over 40 years.  Jay was very careful and saved us future damage with these removals.  Now we enjoy looking at these old structures from all sides. Jay’s work was nothing short of incredible.  My wife was in tears when she saw our forest.  She had not been able to walk through them since she was a child.  Our bug population has decreased by 75%, just as Jay predicted, as wind can now blow through the trees unabated.  My extended family cannot believe how the property looks now.  “Incredible and amazing” was the collective response of my family.  My children, who did not like coming up here, now can ride their 4 wheeler on multiple paths.  The wedding guests were extremely complimentary of our place, and that made us proud.Since Jay completed his work, a few people have stopped by and wanted to look around.  One person was so intrigued by the work that we actually walked through the woods, while enjoying coffee instead of bugs. These visitors are also amazed and are looking for similar work to be completed. 

Jay opened up so many possibilities for us and we now love coming here from our home in Chicago. The views from the forest are amazing.  We are contemplating building a cabin or two in the woods for others to enjoy our fabulous sunsets.  Jay made this possible.

I highly recommend JH Landworks.  We could not be more pleased with their work.  Jay and Katie do not make you feel like customers; they make you feel like friends.    

Steve and Donna R., Manitowoc, WI

 Have a wonderful day!

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